Oilzorb On Ice

Oilzorb Oil Absorbent On Ice

Oilzorb is an Excellent Oil Absorbent on All Surfaces.

Oilzorb is an Oil Absorbent On Ice, on concrete, from water. See the video above to for the demo of the Oilzorb being used to absorb the oil on ice. Oil is absorbed by the Oilzorb the when saturated the Oilzorb separated from the abzorbed oil and both the Oilzorb and the captured oil can be reused or recycled.

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Approved Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Oilzorb is an Oil Absorbent On Ice

Oilzorb abzorbs oil on the Beach

Recover your Oil Spilt on your Beach

Oilzorb can abzorb oil in the water

Recover Spilt Oil from Accidental Spills

Oil Spills in Rivers

Oilzorb is used to recover oil from highway crashes

Recover Petroleum Spills with Oilzorb From Highway crashes

oil absorbent on ice, Sea-wild-life-contaminated-with-oil

Save Wild Life Contaminated by Oil Spills