Having read many articles on oil spill effects I would like to make all aware of a new way of removing oil from the environment.

We have submitted samples to the Australian Institute of Marine Science and preliminary findings have indicated NO impact on coral spawning or polyps.

The product has been listed on OSCA by the Australian Government., and EPA-US

The product is totally inert and has NO impact on the environment, has a >20 year shelve life and unlike other materials Oilzorb recovered and can be re-used up to 30 times. (low cost)

This means oils (hydrocarbon derivatives) including gas condensate can be absorbed, removed from any kind of surface and recycled rather than having to find a safe place so the oil absorbing material can be re-located.

As a person concerned about the impact of oil on the environment I have made it my mission to make other concerned persons aware of the impact this product, Oilzorb, can have on the permanent removal of oil from the environment at a low cost.

My quest is to spread awareness with the intention that if this is seen by enough environmentally concerned persons, somebody may take this up as a solution to some of the disasters, present or in the future.

Should you have found information contained on this site to be of merit, please either pass it on or advise me as to whom we should contact be able to spread the knowledge further as to how oil can be removed from the environment.