Clean Oil Off Wildlife

Petroleum Wildlife Response

“U SPILL WE CLEAN Oil Off  Wildlife”

OILZORB FOR Petroleum Wildlife Response … RESCUE OIL Petroleum Contaminated AFFECTED WILDLIFE  

Watch the  Petroleum Wildlife Response video, rescued oil spill contaminated wildlife, see how OilZorb can Clean oil off wildlife.

ANIMALS, BIRDS & SEA LIFE Petroleum Wildlife Response Rescue Procedure

To clean off oil on wildlife first contain animal in cardboard box,bucket, net or other leaving head exposed

  1.  Apply OilZorb by dusting or application with gloved hand
  2.  Gently massage allowing the OilZorb to coagulate contaminate… remains drop to ground
  3.  Repeat as required and dust off
  4.  Recover saturated OilZorb and Petroleum product as required giving repeated applications
  5.  Clean off oil on wildlife