Clean Oil Off Wildlife

Petroleum Wildlife Response

“U SPILL WE CLEAN Oil Off  Wildlife”

OILZORB FOR Petroleum Wildlife Response … RESCUE OIL Petroleum Contaminated AFFECTED WILDLIFE  
Oil on wild Life- Oilzorb to Clean oil off wildlifeOil on wild Life- Oilzorb to Clean oil off wildlifespilt Oil-on-the-dog Sea-wild-life-contaminated-with-oil

Watch the  Petroleum Wildlife Response video, rescued oil spill contaminated wildlife, see how OilZorb can Clean oil off wildlife.

ANIMALS, BIRDS & SEA LIFE Petroleum Wildlife Response Rescue Procedure
To clean off oil on wildlife first contain animal in cardboard box,bucket, net or other leaving head exposed
 Apply OilZorb by dusting or application with gloved hand
 Gently massage allowing the OilZorb to coagulate contaminate… remains drop to ground
 Repeat as required and dust off
 Recover saturated Oilzorb and Petroleum product as required giving repeated applications
 Clean off oil on wildlife